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Delta T Technologies are forging ahead as industry leaders in plate heat exchanger sales & service, chemical cleaning and the supply of back-flushing valve systems.

Delta T Technologies are an Australian Company that has forged a strong working relationship with our internationally renowned suppliers to provide, maintain and service the best quality heat exchanger units to meet the demands of all sectors of Australian business.  Delta T Technologies have the ability to improve your working life by providing superior advice and heat exchanger solutions in the provision of a quality on time and on budget service.


Not only are our heat exchanger services well respected we also look after any de-scaling needs you will inevitably experience. These un-avoidable deposits will slow your equipment down to impossible levels or in the worst case scenario cause complete failure at considerable expense to your operation.


Delta T Technologies, offers today’s most sophisticated heat exchanger and de-scaling solutions to all aspects of industry, mining and marine applications.    Our state of the art Heat Exchanger Service Centres are fitted with the latest specialist equipment along with offering the highest quality workmanship by our experienced service technicians.

Heat exchangers

The efficiency of heat exchangers inevitably declines with use, reducing performance and causing plant downtime.   We can assist with all Plate Heat Exchanger requirements from complete refurbishment to the supply of new Heat Exchangers, plates and gaskets.



Our line of chemical formulations are designed to safely remove water scale, rust, lime and other deposits. We use an application specific process to restore your equipment to peak operating efficiency.



Back flush valve systems

We have back flush valve systems that are a permanent solution for fouling in chiller condensers and other straight tube and shell & plate heat exchangers. When fouling is minimized, maintenance and energy savings are maximised.


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